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Being the forward destination wedding planner in the UK, Wanderlust Weddings is focusted on providing the upscale services to the Customers on both local and global levels. Sharing the strong commitment to high-end quality services & customer satisfaction, Wanderlust Weddings team offers individual approach to your wedding.

We will provide you with the best and trendiest wedding destinations, consult on hotels, wedding venues & decor pricing, select the best travel options, and offer wedding theme ideas. Among our partners are the grand chains of hotels, restaurants & resorts thoughout the world, as well as small local businesses that perfectly render the charm and aura of the destination place, offering low prices and local flair. We develop flexible pricing scales, based on your budget and preferences, and get the best of it!

Wanderlust Weddings boasts its special attention to details – starting from tickets booking up to table decor & wedding stationery suppliers. we offer the best and the most competitive vendors!
Wanderlust Weddings consulting services create and bring to life your most dare and exotic dreams regarding the destination wedding. We will offer you the best itinerary and options based on your chosen pricing niche, so your destination wedding will be unique and unforgettable.

Besides, you may always get the latest infromation regarding the trendiest as well as the most whimsical and exotic destinations in our blog. It highlights all modern trends and describes anll cons. and pros. of the destination chosen, our blog gives useful tips and describes local traditions you may want to use for your wedding. You can find out with new, unexpected sides of the time-proven destinations, as well as get aquainted with absolutely new ones, exotic and beautiful ones.

With our blog you get the latest info about various wedding destinations, all the best & fresh ideas are selected and described for our Customers.