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Tiffany Style Wedding

Tiffany Wedding Invitation

Tiffany-style can be considered in two ways. First of all, this is a reference to the world-famous jewelry company Tiffany. The Tiffany-style wedding contains in its design the shades inherent in this brand – tiffany blue (the turquoise color of the robin egg, in which gift boxes for decorations are performed) and white (the color of the ribbons on the boxes). The main colors are diluted with creamy pink, black and chocolate. Imitation of Tiffany boxes is used in the design of the wedding – these can be various décor elements, the shape of a cake, favor boxes for guests etc.

Winter wedding decor


As each season has its natural special features, in the same way wedding decor has original & impressive concepts for each particular season. Spring weddings are delicate & light as the spring breeze, the smell of early spring flowers and tender hues of awaking nature. Summer brings bright accents, like sunlight & scented gardens, so summer weddings, saturated with all generous gifts of this season, are unparalleled in its beauty. Autumn brings harvest and rich gifts of nature, autumn wedding decor is rich and sumblime, the play of autumn colours is breath-taking. What winter brings to us? You definitely ask this question when consider winter wedding. Winter is tonesless, only snow white cover brightens up dull winter days. If you think this way, you are completely wrong and this article will dispel this myth.

Italian wedding

Wedding in Italian style


Generosity and passion are the most vivid national features of the Italians, no wonder these traits are reflected in the Italian weddings. If you are passionate about Italy or your husband-to-be has Italian roots, it’s a wonderful idea to make Italian style wedding!
The most popular Italian specialty recognized worldwide is its food. To make a true Italian wedding, you must be sure your wedding table features 14 traditional courses, accompanied with Italian wines, so that your guests have plenty of food and drinks to try. The family is the highest value for any Italian, thus their weddings are pretty numerous – you will see all relatives starting from the most elderly family members to toddlers. Thus, preparation for true Italian style wedding means you should find a spacious banquet hall or an open terrasse to settle all the guests. An authentic Italian resaurant is also a good location for such wedding.