English Wedding Breakfast

English Wedding Breakfast

English Wedding Breakfast

English wedding breakfast is an important part of the celebration, it has its own sweet traditions, that will make your big day special. Guests are usually seated on places appointed beforehand, for this the name cards are used. And celebration begins. The right to pronounce the first toast is given to the best man. He also has to take care of the bridesmaids and be responsible for all the toasts that the guests uttered. Next the first dance of the newlyweds and the dance of the bride with her father come. At the feast, traditionally baked lamb with stewed vegetables is served. Sweets guests usually brought themselves, they folded them up a hill, and newlyweds have to reach each other from different ends of the table and kiss.

Wedding Cake

As in the old days, and today, a wedding cake has a huge role in the English wedding – multi-storey, biscuit, with fruits and candied fruits, it is specially alcoholized and therefore it can be stored for years. The top of this cake is usually eaten only at the christening of their first child, and remaining pieces of this delicacy are mailed to those relatives and friends who could not come to celebration. Recently, a piece of cake from the Princess Diana and Prince s Charles marriage was sold at auction. That cake was over 20 years old, but it was still eatable!
There is also an opinion that there can be two cakes: fiancee has a white cake, and fiance has a dark one.  The fiancee should cut the cake. After that, she throws her bouquet, and unmarried girls try to catch it. It is believed that girl who can catch the bouquet will soon get married.
Although once this tradition looked like throwing an old shoe on the road and girls tried to quickly pick it up. Also in England there used to be another unusual tradition that replaced the throwing of the garter – men tossed their socks and whose sock first got the groom s nose that man would get married soon. Such a ridiculous and unusual tradition! Sometimes wedding festivities could last several days.

At the end of wedding, the newlyweds go on their wedding night, and afterwards and to a romantic trip. The groom must take his wife in his arms and carry her across the threshold of the house where they will live in the future, so that the bride cannot accidentally stumble – that may bring misfortune and problems in their family life. The honeymoon begins. This name comes from the fact that once before the first wedding night the couple were given a drink of honey drink, which, it is believed, should help the conception of the firstborn, namely the boy.

There is also the opinion that once there was a very strange rite: the groom could ask his best man to save the bride from virginity on the wedding night. The fact is that the groom, as a true gentleman, should not see blood on white sheets. The best man could not refuse such a piquant request.

After Wedding

When returning from the wedding trip, the newlyweds unpack gifts and send out “thank-you cards”. Regarding wedding gifts in the UK there is no special ceremony of their delivery. Recently, lists of desired wedding gifts, which are compiled by the bride and groom, have become very popular. Guests can present their gift both at the wedding and send in advance on the eve of the celebration.
Nowadays, basically royal families, aristocratic and many others are serious about honoring traditions. But there are exceptions, which want to depart from the general rules, they introduce their innovations.

The wedding can be also thematic, in a certain style, for example in the style of a movie, then the bride and groom change into the main characters and guests should be dressed in a special dress code, the decorations must also be in this style, respectively. It can also be a wedding, for example, in the style of some color, when the wedding should be dominated by this or that color. Weddings can take place both under water and in the air, skipping with a parachute. What can they not come up with to make their wedding original and unforgettable.Often newlyweds from other countries can celebrate their weddings in English style, in Japanese or some other.

In general, every couple chooses for themselves how to arrange the wedding – according to the traditions or not, the main thing is to find happiness in their family life.