Tiffany Style Wedding

Tiffany Wedding Invitation

Tiffany-style can be considered in two ways. First of all, this is a reference to the world-famous jewelry company Tiffany. The Tiffany-style wedding contains in its design the shades inherent in this brand – tiffany blue (the turquoise color of the robin egg, in which gift boxes for decorations are performed) and white (the color of the ribbons on the boxes). The main colors are diluted with creamy pink, black and chocolate. Imitation of Tiffany boxes is used in the design of the wedding – these can be various décor elements, the shape of a cake, favor boxes for guests etc.

Also, the Tiffany-style is a reference to the wonderful movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with its unique atmosphere of luxury and elegance. Many newlyweds bring to the décor of the event details, intrinsic to New York of the 50s of the 20th century. These are crystal (glasses, chandeliers), rhinestones, black and white photographs, vinyl records, luxurious women in black dresses, pearls and hats.

Tiffany-style wedding can be ultra-modern, as well. The character of Audrey Hepburn sought to surround herself with romance, music and beautiful things. She featured the innovation in clothing and a positive attitude to life. These principles should be followed when preparing the event.

Wedding Outfits
The bridal suits can be any. The main thing is to use the Tiffany-style colors. And it is not necessary to choose the outfits of turquoise or white shades. The right tones can be presented in the accessories. For the bride it can be a bouquet, jewelry, shoes, a handbag or a belt. The groom can have a boutonniere, a breast-shawl, a tie or a bow-tie, a hatband etc.

The interior can be decorated with live or artificial flowers, balloons, mirrors, crystal elements, ribbons & bows, elegant floral compositions.

Wedding Cake
Cake is often made in the form of the famous Tiffany gift box. However, the shape can be any, while for the décor there are certain requirements. Usually, the cake is covered with mastic of pastel shades (turquoise, cream, pale pink) and decorated with fresh flowers and sugar pearls.

Wedding Invitations
Tiffany-style wedding requires corresponding invitation cards. These can be turquoise invitations decorated with ribbons, sequins, rhinestones and lace patterns.

Bridesmaids and Guests’ Dresses
If you want your wedding to look perfect on photos, make sure to provide the dress code for the guests (and do not forget to mention it in the invitations). And it is not necessary to invent complicated solutions – you can simply ask the participants of the celebration to use the Tiffany colors in their outfits or at least in accessories.