Winter wedding decor


As each season has its natural special features, in the same way wedding decor has original & impressive concepts for each particular season. Spring weddings are delicate & light as the spring breeze, the smell of early spring flowers and tender hues of awaking nature. Summer brings bright accents, like sunlight & scented gardens, so summer weddings, saturated with all generous gifts of this season, are unparalleled in its beauty. Autumn brings harvest and rich gifts of nature, autumn wedding decor is rich and sumblime, the play of autumn colours is breath-taking. What winter brings to us? You definitely ask this question when consider winter wedding. Winter is tonesless, only snow white cover brightens up dull winter days. If you think this way, you are completely wrong and this article will dispel this myth.

Decor ideas for winter wedding.

Winter weddings were ignored for a long time for no reason, there was a general assumption that only those couples that cannot wait till spring are getting married in winter. But winter wedding possedes the charm & style that you cannot find in any other season. Just imagine decor with fir cones and brunches in spring, summer or autumn period. It will look at least absurd and out-of-place. While winter wedding with such decorative accents looks very classy and stylish.

Winter weddings are special – they are full of fabulous etudes of the New Year miracle. For this reason the use of silver, gold, flickering candles, light garlands brings special charm in stylistic solution of winter wedding.

Have you ever seen the “the Snow Queen” fairy tale? The icy magnitude and stricking beauty of the Snow Queen palace is so inspired! Ice crystals played with multiple colours on the sun… Maybe you would like to use these fairy tale ideas in your winter wedding decoration. In this case we would recommend that you opt for the cool tones of blue, green-gray, silver and, of course, white for wedding decor. The use of acrylic crystals and pearles is also highly welcomed.

If you want to soften the overall look, to add some warmth and coziness – use candles. They will turn your special day in a miracle fairy tale and bring warm comfort to the celebration.

Don’t forget about natural materials such as wood, cones of different shapes and sizes, nuts, cinnamon sticks, dried rose hips, anise, dried slices of citrus, and our “winter tale” turns into “hot mulled wine” with incredible aroma and original bright accents. Even traditional white and red roses look very untrivial in such decor.

There is unlimited number of ideas for winter wedding decoration, you may apply balls of multy-coloured wool or knitted elements (bright knitted hats, scarves and knitted gloves ). Fireplace decorated with fir cones and branches will turm your winter wedding reception into comfortable family holiday. As you see, winter season offers endless number of decoration ideas. Opt for the one you like and make your winter fairy tale come true!