Italian wedding

Wedding in Italian style


Generosity and passion are the most vivid national features of the Italians, no wonder these traits are reflected in the Italian weddings. If you are passionate about Italy or your husband-to-be has Italian roots, it’s a wonderful idea to make Italian style wedding!
The most popular Italian specialty recognized worldwide is its food. To make a true Italian wedding, you must be sure your wedding table features 14 traditional courses, accompanied with Italian wines, so that your guests have plenty of food and drinks to try. The family is the highest value for any Italian, thus their weddings are pretty numerous – you will see all relatives starting from the most elderly family members to toddlers. Thus, preparation for true Italian style wedding means you should find a spacious banquet hall or an open terrasse to settle all the guests. An authentic Italian resaurant is also a good location for such wedding.

Selecting the right colour scheme is a crucial point to start your wedding preparation with. You may opt for the colurs of the Italian flag – red, green, white. Gold hues are perfect for bridesmaid dresses, especially when accompanied by the gold elements of the groomsmen suits (for example, waistbands). Traditional white (or off-white) weding gown with a lace decoration is the best choice for Italian wedding. Gold accessories can be added to this bridal look. Gold accessories can be added to this bridal look. Look for inspiration for gold color scheme here
Italian wedding ceremony is traditionally held in church. Acording to beliefs, Sunday wedding day is considered to bring luck. it explains why most couple in Italy shoose this day of the week to get married. The Italian wedding ritual is full of symbolism: the entrance of the church/cathedral is decorated with large colourful ribbon – it symbolizes that two families unite into one big family from now on. Take into consideration this beautiful tradition even if you won’t hold yoour ceremony in the church. The tradition also says to avoid to get married in May, since this month is consacreted to the Mother Mary.
The Italian wedding aura is full generosity, sheer joy and open-heartedness. The caremony in the church is, on the contrary, rather formal. Carefully chosen decoration details are very important to render the authenic atmosphere. Bouquets of red fresh flowers will perfectly adorn the banquest hall or terrasse. The wedding table (or separate tables) can be embellished with gold napkins, tableware with gold details and gold candlesticks. The centerpiece done of fresh flowers, grape bunches and ivy will render the generosity of warm southern Itaian nature.
When it comes to the wedding menu, you have endless choice of wonderful courses of national Italian cuisine: pickles, cheese plates, olives, grilled vegs with olive oil, homemade bread. Various toasts and salads to follow.
Main courses should definitely include pasta, a salad, a meat course. Desserts will follow the main courses, delicious and versatile as well. A true Italian wedding won’t do without traditional multilayered wedding cake, with the bride and groom toppers. Siciliam wedding include also buffet of desserts, that become very popular nowadays. italian cookies are stunning and delicious, their diversity is fantastic.
Sugared almond is traditional treat for Italian wedding, it symbolizes the sweet and the bitter in the future marriage. Usually sweet almond packed in decorative boxes or bags is presented to guests as a wedding treat. But sometimes the newly married couple presents small bottles of olive oil or wine, decorated with thier unique wedding label.
The major principles of any traditional Itailan wedding you should follow are: family, food and festivities. Keep these milestones in mind, and your Italian style wedding will be unforgettable event for you and your guests!
Generally speaking about Italian weddings, we can think about the rule of three Fs: food, family and festive. These are the four main principles you should follow, organising traditional Italian wedding. So, have fun with your beloved ones in the most memorable day of your life.