Top 5 creative ideas

Top 5 creative ideas to make a low-cost wedding.


Still sure that a true romantic wedding will cost a fortune? We have good news – it’s no longer true. Polina Perri found 5 ways to make a fantastic wedding that does not entail drastic expenses. Step out of the box and try one of these…

1. Wedding for the two

Are you sure you need someone around you to celebrate the beginning of the family life? An elegant wedding dress, a refined bouquet, a professional wedding photographer and a romantic dinner for the newlywed couple – the simple but all-including wedding plan. On the one part, it will make your wedding especially solemn, on the other part – it will be a festivity for only the two of you.
It this case you save your money refusing to make a wedding reception, wedding photo session (less time- lower price), the wedding planner/host and other numerous wedding expenses.

2. The bride + the groom + the nearest and dearest ones

If you cannot totally cast away the idea of wedding guests, since you both have your family circles who want to share this special day with you, leave everything as in the first wedding option, with only one alteration –  invite your families and/or closest friends to the official wedding ceremony (to the church or the civil registry office).
In this case,  prepare a small buffet reception. Save the money opting for a buffet reception instead of a more expensive traditional sit-down dinner. A buffet reception near the place of official wedding allows you to cut down partially the wedding décor and ceremony host costs.

3. Money-saving wedding theme

Make a camping style or a pick nick style wedding. The bride and groom wearing jeans and T-shirts, a wedding reception made as a camping trip to the woods or a funny relaxed pick nick. In this wedding scenario all traditional wedding elements will be out of place, thus you don’t need to spend the money buying them. Your wedding will be unpretentious, low-key affair, but at the same time very home-felt event.

Money saving options– wedding floral services, a wedding host (a friend of yours can take his part) and, of course, wedding clothes.

4. Home wedding

Home weddings fall in and out of trend, now we observe its growing popularity. If you or your parents have a spacious backyard and a house able to host your wedding – go ahead and arrange your celebration there. In this case you are limited to about 100 persons, but it you want to make a budget-friendly wedding the number of invitees has to be reduced to the minimum.
A home-based celebration allows you to create an intimate, friendly atmosphere.

Ask your bridesmaids and your relatives to cook your own wedding dinner. Someone will call this too old-fashioned and extremely time consuming, but wedding dinner with  home-made courses has an absolutely unique atmosphere!

Money saving options– a wedding host, a photographer and a venue for a wedding reception.

5. Wedding=Journey

Why don’t combine a low-cost wedding with a wedding journey? All the more so, because the number of countries where you can get married officially is growing annually.
There is no need to invite a large number of guests and make a sumptuous festivity (don’t forget, we still mean to cut down the expenses). Organize a romantic wedding dinner and a take a walk with a camera to see new exotic places.

Money saving options– a wedding host, a photographer, a wedding reception and a wedding journey!