Angel wings wedding idea

Total look – white wedding wonderland


The central theme of this extra-chic wedding ceremony is the snow-white angel’s wings, who are patrons of all beloved. The angelic theme was an inspiration for designer, who created a fabulous wedding design, adorned with white plumage.

The banquet hall chosen for celebration is located in the pavilion, up-holtered with light white drapery, the floor of the location is snow-white to add to the total white look. Multiple elements of various texture and quality were used to create angelic atmosphere – glossy surfaces, crystal ware, mirrors and, of course, snow-white plumage. Innovative solution and the highlight of the ceremony were transparent chairs; they perfectlu agreed with the general wedding theme, adding a special lightweight air to the ceremny. Toghether all decorative details made for a sumptious classics!

The guest attention was focused on the big wedding table of intricate shape, located in the center of the welcome-zone and embellished with airy plumage. It accorded with the general wedding concept and looked very fancy. The table itself was decorated with various snow-white decorative elements, white desserts and original table ware.

The wedding zone was also decorated in total white, instead of traditional wedding arch the designer resorted to tall vases with white-cream flower combos and plumage. The celling was adorned with crystal chandeliers and white garlands.

The overall ceremony ambience was so fresh and unexpected for many guests, so many compared it with Paradise or the Kingdom of the Snow Queen. The latest comparison was more original, taking into consideration that the ceremony was held in the hot summer day, and such a stunning contrast created unforgettable effect.

No wonder, carefully and profssionally selected decorative elements and materials – white ostich plume, silver table ware and candlesticks as well as other accessories, transparent glass ware, crystal ware, candles, massive chandeliers, translucent chairs, artisticly combined by our star designer created truly heaven strory!